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Interview with MIT comparative Media Studies

Postal address:

Department of Information and Communications
Manchester Metropolitan University
Geoffrey Manton Building
Rosamond Street West
Off Oxford Road
M15 6LL


Dr. Deirdre Hynes is a lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

My teaching areas include:

    Digital Media Production

    Advanced Digital Media Production

    Media Making

    The Network Society

    Technology, Communications and the Media

    Current Issues in the Media & Communication

    My research interests include:

      Uses and meaning of new media technology

      The social shaping of technology

      Domestication of technologies in everyday life

      Gender & technology

      Football & femininity

      Steering committee:

      Femininity & Masculinity - Interdisciplinary.net

      Steering group details - here


      New Media and Society

      Journal of Further and Higher Education

      External examiner duties:

      Institution: Sheffield Hallam University

      Programme: FdA eCommunications & FdA eCommunications in the Public Sector & BA eCommunications

      Period of appointment: 2008 - 2013

      Institution: Liverpool John Moores University

      Programme: BA (Hons) Mass Communications (Summer Semester Programme)

      Period of appointment: 2009 - 2013



      Contact: email me

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